Tuesday 26 August 2008

Strathmore - and beyond...

Forgot to blog about playing the Strathmore - great room! Played a couple songs with Gov. O'Malley - check our website for pics soon.

After, some of us went to Dietle's for beers. First time there for Randy and me, and after several pitchers, we ended up playing with the house band. Not to say they play music there a lot, but they were a band and they were in the "hizzel", as Randy called it. I especially liked our 17 minute version of "Can't you See", which was started by some drunk toothless guy (not Shane - or Charlie...) after some other nameless jam.

Did I mention we only met them after supplying a working microphone in exchange for some Rocklands BBQ? Great BBQ, but why do they insist on making their slaw with peas?!? Sure glad I travel the beltway with a car full of music gear, looking for bands in distress - kind of like the CVS Samaritan truck. I wonder if they're ever compensated in food? Good times.


Tuesday 13 May 2008


Band T-shirts now available! Be the first to have one and know what it means!

Tuesday 18 March 2008

What happened the last 4 days, I blacked out?!?

It was a busy St. Patrick's Day weekend for 40 Thieves - great crowds and a lot of fun everywhere we played! Despite several band members with illnesses, we all survived. Although Randy's feverish emails were showing signs of delirium - even more so than usual! The last one on Monday read like spam and was signed mndsfjkdioy. And at some point Saturday night (Sunday morning?), the only words Jim could say were "moo shu pork". And then he could say none... Bad dancing bartenders, with their strong bourbon drinks. Did we mention RnR Nightclub, were we played the ThingstodoDC.com party on Saturday, used to be Coyote Ugly? The "oh, yeah!" moment for us was a few measures into "Devil went down to GA" when someone said "hey look, the bartenders are dancing on the bar!" Then a concerned citizen asked "but who is tending the bar?!?" It all worked out OK...

Monday 25 February 2008

Randy's Corner

I'm so glad we had the whole band together this past weekend at Ireland's Four Fields. These recent shows we've done with people missing really wear on me. I mean, I'm normally carrying these guys to some extent, but when someone is missing, it feels like I'm the whole show! Thank goodness for them I'm there every night - just gettin' 'er dun, 24/7/365.

You want a picture of life without me? Here you go: Melanie would be so terrified of her own shadow, she wouldn't be able to sing a note. Dave wouldn't know what to say between songs if I wasn't always telling him - he'd just retreat further into his pint of "Guinness" (taste it sometime he's not looking - tastes a lot like Yoo Hoo to me...). Jim I should start charging for drum lessons. And Charlie, well he's OK once I wind him up, but it's getting harder and harder to turn the key - I think he's rusting.

Good thing I have this forum to vent. If these guys ever learn how to use a computer, I might have some explaining to do. Won't take long, though...

Thursday 14 February 2008

Almost 40 Thieves

No, it's not a tribute band - but it should be. I'd love to see the guy playing Randy. Would he be a lookalike? I mean, how could he be, there can't be 2 guys that handsome who can play fiddle! Maybe they'd get some boy band looking dude to fiddle-sync along with the music. And what if he could Irish step dance too?!? - feet flailing about as if independent from his upper body, fiddle bow sawing away on imaginary strings. That sounds better than us! I'd actually pay to see that!

Randy - if we got a guy like that, could you coach him up? You'd still be the genius behind the scenes, the puppeteer, if you will...

What was this supposed to be about? Oh yes, we're playing this Friday without Melanie. After playing twice in the last couple months without Jim. Maybe this will become our new schtick - who's not here tonight?!? The band that never shows up with all members intact - kinda like a Lynyrd Skynyrd show, or an Eagles reunion! (Was this a possibly offensive remark about Skynyrd? Yes, but nobody reads this but me - I can write whatever I want!) Oh well, we'll certainly miss Melanie. I understand she's to be knighted. Now who will the 22 year old boys fawn all over? Randy?

Monday 28 January 2008

Ireland's Four Fields, 1/25-26/08

Thank you everyone for coming out! It was a fun weekend. We were glad to have Jim the Drummer back. He announced his presence with authority - and impressed a cheering table of Quarters players - by leaning over the stage rail just before the 2nd set and bouncing in a quarter from a couple yards away! Always heart warming to see the college education pay off - kids: don't be a fool, stay in school. Of course he requested (demanded) that this feat of skill be noted here in the blog - I'll assume the check's in the mail. He did play drums too, by the way, but it was a really good shot! Go ahead, challenge him to do it again next time you see us - I'd like to see a creative way to increase the difficulty level...

Other notable news - 40 Thieves and Ireland's Four Fields have become the Official Band and Pub of Birthdays. I counted 51 birthdays celebrated this weekend, many by drinking (shocker)! Happy Birthday everyone, even the liars! We've decided to start a new birthday celebration tradition, in which the entire band will come running up to your table, banging a drum and blowing whistles, stick a 2 1/2 foot Guinness hat on your head, and shove a cupcake with a green icing shamrock in your face until you blow out the little shillelagh candle, all the while singing some made up birthday song to the tune of "Who the F... is Alice". Kinda like what they do at Chevy's but without the sombrero.


Wednesday 23 January 2008

Ireland's Four Fields, 1/18/08

Second show without drums. I thought it went great, just really, really great! Everything sounded good, it was just really, really great. I hope no one saw my hands shaking. I mean quiting drums is one thing, but to do it cold turkey like we did, 2 shows in a row - not easy. I thought the rest of the band covered pretty well, but behind the scenes everyone coped in their own sad way. Randy vomited I think each time we left the stage, Charlie burst into tears several times - particularly at times where there should have been a drum solo - and Melanie didn't say a word to anyone all night - not one word.

Hopefully my hives and facial tic will dissappear by this weekend, when Jim is planning to rejoin us. Next time we're going to play without drums, I really think we should wean off them slowly - like Jim could play smaller and fewer drums through the course of a night, until he's down to just a toy drum and a couple popsicle sticks. That would make it so much easier. See you Friday and Saturday, I'm going to go for a smoke.

Sunday 13 January 2008

Harp and Fiddle, 1/12/08

Last night was fun, thank you to everyone for coming out! We were sorry Jim couldn't make it. He is still, we understand, convalescing. Which is a euphemism for feverishly coughing, puking and taking drugs - and not, unfortunately, either recreational or performance enhancing. The drugs, that is, not the coughing and puking.

Since he wasn't there, we were able to break out a couple Springsteen songs - one we hadn't done before and one we wouldn't normally do - without the disapproving glare. That and a Dylan song we'd never done were the only curve balls, I think. The rest of the regular sets sounded good, but...

Definitely a more subdued sound without the drums. Charlie and Randy decided it was closer to chamber music than we usually sound. (I guess they did notice my new Takamine cello after all.) And then after a couple pints they decided perhaps it was "gas" chamber music, which they thought would make a great Marilyn Manson album title. All of this was said off-mic, of course, but I assure you, in context, it was very funny.

See you next time!

Friday 11 January 2008

Randy's Corner

(A semi-regular view of Randy the Fiddle Player's extracurricular activites. Disclaimer - not always written or endorsed by Randy the Fiddle Player, though he does refer to himself in the 3rd person.)

Always wanted to be able to play the fiddle like Randy the Fiddle Player? Or just to hold a fiddle in his presence? Maybe just stalking him hoping to increase your cool by osmosis? Or just bored to tears when 40 Thieves is not playing?

Well, now you can learn the ancient art of Fiddle Playing from the master - Randy the Fiddle Player! And accomplish those other silly things as well. Just sign up for his Fiddle Playing class at the Vienna Community Center - click here for the info: http://www.viennava.gov/Town_Departments/page16.pdf

I can't believe Randy the Fiddle Player is the only one giving back, teaching others. The rest of this band is a bunch of slackers.

Thursday 10 January 2008

Injury Report for Saturday

Doubtful - Jim Sullivan, drummer
All other's expected to play.

Jim's a key guy for this offensive unit. Without him there, they simply won't be as loud. He's been battling flu-like symptoms for the last week, and even if he can go, will not be at full strength. The melody leads and harmonies should be relatively unaffected, but at some point that rhythm section is going to be trying to find the downbeat, and they could falter. It's going to come down to the consistency of Charlie McNamara. He's the bass player, and his notes are really low. Without solid drumming behind them, any band will look to those low notes to steady the ship. But they've done it before. We'll see how the rest of this experienced group handles the adversity when they turn on the lights, or kickoff, or drop the puck, or whatever the hell...

Friday 28 December 2007

40Thieves.com - what is it?!?

Dave here,
Our website is http://www.40thieves.info/ as you likely know. If you visit http://www.40thieves.com/ you'll see this picture. If you are fluent in Japanese, a robotics expert, or have successfully built automated home cleaning devices, please contact us with an explanation. We are considering a lawsuit for copywrite infringement, or trying to build it ourselves - again (don't ask about the first attempt, that's why we need someone fluent in Japanese...).

BTW, come see us play music - maybe we'll show our appreciation by having our new Japanese robot clean your house in, like, 90 seconds!


First post - drum roll please... Jim, drum roll please...Is this thing on?!?

Dave here,
Welcome to the 40 Thieves official blog! As we near the end of 2007, this is our first blog posting and, serendipitously, the last post of the year. Unless I post again in the next couple days. Or someone else posts a comment. So really this could end up being meaningless ramblings. Which could be the theme of this whole silly enterprise! Or at least the beginning of a race to see who has the first last post of the year. I can't wait to see who wins! I can barely stand the anticipation! I wonder when it will end?!?