Friday 28 December 2007 - what is it?!?

Dave here,
Our website is as you likely know. If you visit you'll see this picture. If you are fluent in Japanese, a robotics expert, or have successfully built automated home cleaning devices, please contact us with an explanation. We are considering a lawsuit for copywrite infringement, or trying to build it ourselves - again (don't ask about the first attempt, that's why we need someone fluent in Japanese...).

BTW, come see us play music - maybe we'll show our appreciation by having our new Japanese robot clean your house in, like, 90 seconds!


First post - drum roll please... Jim, drum roll please...Is this thing on?!?

Dave here,
Welcome to the 40 Thieves official blog! As we near the end of 2007, this is our first blog posting and, serendipitously, the last post of the year. Unless I post again in the next couple days. Or someone else posts a comment. So really this could end up being meaningless ramblings. Which could be the theme of this whole silly enterprise! Or at least the beginning of a race to see who has the first last post of the year. I can't wait to see who wins! I can barely stand the anticipation! I wonder when it will end?!?