Friday 11 January 2008

Randy's Corner

(A semi-regular view of Randy the Fiddle Player's extracurricular activites. Disclaimer - not always written or endorsed by Randy the Fiddle Player, though he does refer to himself in the 3rd person.)

Always wanted to be able to play the fiddle like Randy the Fiddle Player? Or just to hold a fiddle in his presence? Maybe just stalking him hoping to increase your cool by osmosis? Or just bored to tears when 40 Thieves is not playing?

Well, now you can learn the ancient art of Fiddle Playing from the master - Randy the Fiddle Player! And accomplish those other silly things as well. Just sign up for his Fiddle Playing class at the Vienna Community Center - click here for the info:

I can't believe Randy the Fiddle Player is the only one giving back, teaching others. The rest of this band is a bunch of slackers.

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Randy Latimer said...

Okay, Randy's Corner here - Today's topic...chords. So, what exactly is a chord? Well, for instance, G major is G-B-D, a root, a third, and a fifth. G minor is G-Bb-D, a root, a lowered third (of course), and a fifth. G dominant 7th is G-B-D-F, note the flatted 7th of the G scale.
Dave likes to end Jackie Wilson with a G major 7th chord, to make things sound fancy. G-B-D-F#.
Well, that's about it for today's discussion.
Oh, who out there can spell the notes to the famous "Jimi Hendrix" chord in Purple Haze?
Good luck, and keep those music theory questions comin' down the pike.