Monday 25 February 2008

Randy's Corner

I'm so glad we had the whole band together this past weekend at Ireland's Four Fields. These recent shows we've done with people missing really wear on me. I mean, I'm normally carrying these guys to some extent, but when someone is missing, it feels like I'm the whole show! Thank goodness for them I'm there every night - just gettin' 'er dun, 24/7/365.

You want a picture of life without me? Here you go: Melanie would be so terrified of her own shadow, she wouldn't be able to sing a note. Dave wouldn't know what to say between songs if I wasn't always telling him - he'd just retreat further into his pint of "Guinness" (taste it sometime he's not looking - tastes a lot like Yoo Hoo to me...). Jim I should start charging for drum lessons. And Charlie, well he's OK once I wind him up, but it's getting harder and harder to turn the key - I think he's rusting.

Good thing I have this forum to vent. If these guys ever learn how to use a computer, I might have some explaining to do. Won't take long, though...

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Randy Latimer said...

So, this is Rex, chiming in for Randy's Corner. What I'm sittin' here trying to figure out, is this elusive factoid...exactly what is the estimated estimate, the approximate approximation, the guess towards a maybe...what, in general, is the number of readers that may, or may not, exist on Randy's Corner? You see, we here, at the staff offices (I say offices plural because we've just purchased the top house, penthouse suites as it were, of a high rise office building in Merrifield, overlooking scenic Lee Highway, named after the ol' general, 61-65)
Well, our research staff is surveying the number of readers to Randy's Corner so we can arrive at more of an exact number of notices by which to send out our monthly letter, Randy's Rambunctious Report (R R & R). So please all of our readers, send us your data, how many times a day you check in, morning/afternoon/evening preferences etc. Dave, Melanie, Charlie, and Jim all send their best regards too. So, so long until next time, thanks for checkin' in.