Sunday 13 January 2008

Harp and Fiddle, 1/12/08

Last night was fun, thank you to everyone for coming out! We were sorry Jim couldn't make it. He is still, we understand, convalescing. Which is a euphemism for feverishly coughing, puking and taking drugs - and not, unfortunately, either recreational or performance enhancing. The drugs, that is, not the coughing and puking.

Since he wasn't there, we were able to break out a couple Springsteen songs - one we hadn't done before and one we wouldn't normally do - without the disapproving glare. That and a Dylan song we'd never done were the only curve balls, I think. The rest of the regular sets sounded good, but...

Definitely a more subdued sound without the drums. Charlie and Randy decided it was closer to chamber music than we usually sound. (I guess they did notice my new Takamine cello after all.) And then after a couple pints they decided perhaps it was "gas" chamber music, which they thought would make a great Marilyn Manson album title. All of this was said off-mic, of course, but I assure you, in context, it was very funny.

See you next time!

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