Monday 25 February 2008

Randy's Corner

I'm so glad we had the whole band together this past weekend at Ireland's Four Fields. These recent shows we've done with people missing really wear on me. I mean, I'm normally carrying these guys to some extent, but when someone is missing, it feels like I'm the whole show! Thank goodness for them I'm there every night - just gettin' 'er dun, 24/7/365.

You want a picture of life without me? Here you go: Melanie would be so terrified of her own shadow, she wouldn't be able to sing a note. Dave wouldn't know what to say between songs if I wasn't always telling him - he'd just retreat further into his pint of "Guinness" (taste it sometime he's not looking - tastes a lot like Yoo Hoo to me...). Jim I should start charging for drum lessons. And Charlie, well he's OK once I wind him up, but it's getting harder and harder to turn the key - I think he's rusting.

Good thing I have this forum to vent. If these guys ever learn how to use a computer, I might have some explaining to do. Won't take long, though...

Thursday 14 February 2008

Almost 40 Thieves

No, it's not a tribute band - but it should be. I'd love to see the guy playing Randy. Would he be a lookalike? I mean, how could he be, there can't be 2 guys that handsome who can play fiddle! Maybe they'd get some boy band looking dude to fiddle-sync along with the music. And what if he could Irish step dance too?!? - feet flailing about as if independent from his upper body, fiddle bow sawing away on imaginary strings. That sounds better than us! I'd actually pay to see that!

Randy - if we got a guy like that, could you coach him up? You'd still be the genius behind the scenes, the puppeteer, if you will...

What was this supposed to be about? Oh yes, we're playing this Friday without Melanie. After playing twice in the last couple months without Jim. Maybe this will become our new schtick - who's not here tonight?!? The band that never shows up with all members intact - kinda like a Lynyrd Skynyrd show, or an Eagles reunion! (Was this a possibly offensive remark about Skynyrd? Yes, but nobody reads this but me - I can write whatever I want!) Oh well, we'll certainly miss Melanie. I understand she's to be knighted. Now who will the 22 year old boys fawn all over? Randy?