Tuesday 26 August 2008

Strathmore - and beyond...

Forgot to blog about playing the Strathmore - great room! Played a couple songs with Gov. O'Malley - check our website for pics soon.

After, some of us went to Dietle's for beers. First time there for Randy and me, and after several pitchers, we ended up playing with the house band. Not to say they play music there a lot, but they were a band and they were in the "hizzel", as Randy called it. I especially liked our 17 minute version of "Can't you See", which was started by some drunk toothless guy (not Shane - or Charlie...) after some other nameless jam.

Did I mention we only met them after supplying a working microphone in exchange for some Rocklands BBQ? Great BBQ, but why do they insist on making their slaw with peas?!? Sure glad I travel the beltway with a car full of music gear, looking for bands in distress - kind of like the CVS Samaritan truck. I wonder if they're ever compensated in food? Good times.