Monday 28 January 2008

Ireland's Four Fields, 1/25-26/08

Thank you everyone for coming out! It was a fun weekend. We were glad to have Jim the Drummer back. He announced his presence with authority - and impressed a cheering table of Quarters players - by leaning over the stage rail just before the 2nd set and bouncing in a quarter from a couple yards away! Always heart warming to see the college education pay off - kids: don't be a fool, stay in school. Of course he requested (demanded) that this feat of skill be noted here in the blog - I'll assume the check's in the mail. He did play drums too, by the way, but it was a really good shot! Go ahead, challenge him to do it again next time you see us - I'd like to see a creative way to increase the difficulty level...

Other notable news - 40 Thieves and Ireland's Four Fields have become the Official Band and Pub of Birthdays. I counted 51 birthdays celebrated this weekend, many by drinking (shocker)! Happy Birthday everyone, even the liars! We've decided to start a new birthday celebration tradition, in which the entire band will come running up to your table, banging a drum and blowing whistles, stick a 2 1/2 foot Guinness hat on your head, and shove a cupcake with a green icing shamrock in your face until you blow out the little shillelagh candle, all the while singing some made up birthday song to the tune of "Who the F... is Alice". Kinda like what they do at Chevy's but without the sombrero.


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