Wednesday 23 January 2008

Ireland's Four Fields, 1/18/08

Second show without drums. I thought it went great, just really, really great! Everything sounded good, it was just really, really great. I hope no one saw my hands shaking. I mean quiting drums is one thing, but to do it cold turkey like we did, 2 shows in a row - not easy. I thought the rest of the band covered pretty well, but behind the scenes everyone coped in their own sad way. Randy vomited I think each time we left the stage, Charlie burst into tears several times - particularly at times where there should have been a drum solo - and Melanie didn't say a word to anyone all night - not one word.

Hopefully my hives and facial tic will dissappear by this weekend, when Jim is planning to rejoin us. Next time we're going to play without drums, I really think we should wean off them slowly - like Jim could play smaller and fewer drums through the course of a night, until he's down to just a toy drum and a couple popsicle sticks. That would make it so much easier. See you Friday and Saturday, I'm going to go for a smoke.

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