Thursday 10 January 2008

Injury Report for Saturday

Doubtful - Jim Sullivan, drummer
All other's expected to play.

Jim's a key guy for this offensive unit. Without him there, they simply won't be as loud. He's been battling flu-like symptoms for the last week, and even if he can go, will not be at full strength. The melody leads and harmonies should be relatively unaffected, but at some point that rhythm section is going to be trying to find the downbeat, and they could falter. It's going to come down to the consistency of Charlie McNamara. He's the bass player, and his notes are really low. Without solid drumming behind them, any band will look to those low notes to steady the ship. But they've done it before. We'll see how the rest of this experienced group handles the adversity when they turn on the lights, or kickoff, or drop the puck, or whatever the hell...

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40 Thieves said...

The latest report from the doctor is as follows:

Prognosis is . . . 7-day flu with strep thrown in for fun (aren't you glad I skipped tuesday now). Good news is antibiotics should start to clear it up within a few days - still iffy for saturday night though.

Doesn't sound good for the young percussionist out of Brown. Even if he can make it, no Guinness while on antibiotics. That'll certainly slow him down - take him out of his rhythm anyway. Not good news for a drummer. We'll hope he rallys - maybe a shot of B12 will have him game-ready.