Tuesday 18 March 2008

What happened the last 4 days, I blacked out?!?

It was a busy St. Patrick's Day weekend for 40 Thieves - great crowds and a lot of fun everywhere we played! Despite several band members with illnesses, we all survived. Although Randy's feverish emails were showing signs of delirium - even more so than usual! The last one on Monday read like spam and was signed mndsfjkdioy. And at some point Saturday night (Sunday morning?), the only words Jim could say were "moo shu pork". And then he could say none... Bad dancing bartenders, with their strong bourbon drinks. Did we mention RnR Nightclub, were we played the ThingstodoDC.com party on Saturday, used to be Coyote Ugly? The "oh, yeah!" moment for us was a few measures into "Devil went down to GA" when someone said "hey look, the bartenders are dancing on the bar!" Then a concerned citizen asked "but who is tending the bar?!?" It all worked out OK...

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